Have you ever looked at a field of flowers and wondered… Do they question their purpose? Do they value their contribution to the world? Are they ok with just being pretty and then dying?

It wasn’t until we started studying sustainable agriculture that I even knew wildflowers had a purpose. For years I’d think “they’re so free,” “they don’t worry if they accomplish anything,” “they’re here just to be pretty and they’re ok with that.” “God actually created something just to be pretty.”  

I know… I went way too deep with the flowers… but I’ve always struggled with purpose. I wanted one. I wanted to contribute value. I wanted to be at peace with the little or a lot that I gave.

The band Five Iron Frenzy has a song lyric that says “you see flowers in these weeds.” I found this so touching… from the first moment, my two-year-old brought me flowers. I remember where we were. I could even find the date if I tried. I and my two littles were visiting my husband just before he shipped out for a year. My husband picked dandelions from the grass and handed them to Preston and told him to give them to mommy. He did which such intense joy and then continued from that moment on to always bring me flowers. The most desolate and devastatingly damaged flowers have always been received by this momma with a swelling heart of gratitude. They were always perfect flowers to me.

Did you know that scientifically there are no weeds? There is nothing that separates regular flowers from what we modernly call weeds. They just don’t fit our first world gardening agenda of visual perfection. They grow more readily in the wild.

Each plant has a job. Dandelions are soil fixers. They have a tap root which allows them to grow in harder soils and break open a way for water and nutrients to enter. Once your soil is alkaline and nutrient dense they will no longer grow there. THEY HAVE A JOB!!! MIND. BLOWN.

It really doesn’t matter who knows their job, who plucks them, sprays them or scoffs at them… they are going to come back year after year to heal nature. Another “weed” will come in later and provide for another need the soil has. There are actually tiers of weeds, with preplanned provisions and jobs. They come when needed. Amazing.

So why are YOU here?

If you’re reading this you should know that life is miraculous. It’s never accidental and every living thing/person was intentionally created. You were on purpose with purpose. This purpose, however, isn’t as intense as many make it out to be. My life itself is astounding. I should really sit back with a glass of iced tea and pat myself on the back… well, sort of.

I often look back and wish I had made far fewer mistakes and I was much further along with dreams and goals but you know what? I’m not lying in a ditch. I didn’t marry an abuser. I didn’t become a drug addict. I don’t abuse my children. I’m not living in poverty. I have friendships… good ones.

If you looked at my upbringing and much of what my family went through and is going through now that’s where I should be. Those were the mountains in front of me. All of my wrestling and climbing can be paused when I see where I could have been and I have to give acknowledgment. He made a way. He healed my heart. He looked down and where others saw weeds, He saw flowers, He saw a purpose. Where others wanted to pluck me out and throw me away, He grounded me in needy soil. Where others wanted to poison the water, He showered me with goodness.

No matter where you are… He wants to give that to you too. All you have to do is ask.


For your listening pleasure! Here is my husband’s all-time favorite band (yes…it’s not me, and I’m ok with that lol)

Song: Dandelions

Band: Five Iron Frenzy;

Album: Quantity is Job 1


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