Have you ever had a moment of clarity when you realize life circumstances are bringing you down and you just don’t want that to happen? I have to admit in the past when things got complicated and hurtful I tended to allow the hurt to hover over me like it was in charge. It would sink into my gut and it would take over my thoughts. I’d allow myself to go into dark places of hopelessness even if just for a short while.

I always felt icky afterward… Like I had to bring myself back into reality and remind myself that aside from the hardships… big picture… life is actually good. Objectively I know that all things can improve. All things can grow and morph. It isn’t over till we’re dead.

So I’ve had a hard couple of weeks. It’s really a lot of things. Not one single thing that breaks it all down but many that still need improvement. And that’s life. We never arrive. We’ll always need to heal more, grow more, learn more, adjust more.

I wrote a song a few weeks ago. I was hoping to get to share it with you and it seems there’s not a more appropriate time than now.

You’re standing at the cusp of personal growth. You can sink or swim. But I urge you to fight.

Don’t allow life to tell you who you are. Don’t allow the brokenness of others to define you. Don’t allow your own brokenness to define you. You are not the sum of what life has given you. You are only in part the sum of how you’ve responded. The rest is up to discovery. Because you were designed with intent. You are on purpose. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are, in fact, loved and cherished.

The broken people around you only have a hold if you allow them to. We have to accept our present and then charge into our future forgiving those that have hurt and robbed us. There’s no other start to freedom’s path.

It’s as if you are standing at a door. Refusing to knock because the key is forgiveness and you don’t want to let go. But you have to. You have to choose to release them and release yourself in order to step into that door and see what’s on the other side.

Our filters can keep us from seeing all of the good. Forgiving the creeps and the jerks and the liars and the cheaters it helps us take off the negative filters. It doesn’t condone them. It sets YOU FREE.

It’s like a deep breath. As you exhale the tension goes with it. It’s not saying you trust them… but it’s saying you no longer control them and they no longer control you.

This song is for you. It’s brand new. It’s called fight because more than anything I want those who feel no hope to have hope restored and to get up and fight for their lives.



She’s got her eye on the prize pulling from deep within

She’s choosing life again, her motivational wind

Did you know you can fear both death and life

The debate must subside

She’s got her eye on the prize


Get up, Get up, Get up and do what you have to

Get up, Get up, Get up and fight

Get up, Get up, Get up, tear down what destroys you

Get up, Get up, Get up and fight


He told you, you were alone, worthless and broken down

She let you go, disowned, now you won’t hold your own

Did you know the world needs you or you wouldn’t be here

The debate must subside

Get your eye on the prize

Get up, Get up, Get up and do what you have to

Get up, Get up, Get up and fight

Get up, Get up, Get up, tear down what destroys you

Get up, Get up, Get up and fight


When all the walls are broken down

and you look in the mirror and see the crown

You’ll know it was worth it, all the pain was worth it

You have to climb the mountain now

or tell it to come down

The prize is all that you are being resurrected just to be free

So Get up, Get up, Get up and fight


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