I recently was a part of a coaching call where the speaker kept talking about principles. He kept saying, “you can’t go wrong if you just go back to the principles.” He was talking about business principles and I kept thinking “what are they though? What are the principles!?”

So I’ve been thinking about it…a lot.

Do you ever doubt gravity? Do you ever wonder when you throw up a ball if it’s going to land? Do you worry that today you might float away? Or that water won’t pour into your glass? Nope! Cause gravity is a sure thing.

What else in life is as sure as gravity?

I want to hear from you!!! What in your life is as sure as gravity? I’m not going to go TOO far into it this time because I really want to hear from YOU!

The first thing that comes to mind.

My strongest gravity statement is that… I am loved.

It’s as sure to me as gravity. Not my worst day or my best could separate me from God’s love. I know that because I’ve experienced him. He doesn’t love me like an exhausted parent loves their child “anyway.” I know those days. You love them even though you want to send them to bed early… like REALLY early.

He gets me. All of me. And he likes me as much as he loves me.

The thing is for many many years I didn’t believe this. I didn’t even think I was a lovable person. I struggled to let people in at all. I couldn’t bare the exposure and worse I couldn’t bare their response to my pain.

But as I write this I know even if everything was stripped away I wouldn’t doubt his love for me. Sometimes I doubt his plans!!! Sometimes I doubt that he’ll intervene. Sometimes I doubt that he’ll heal. But his love is a sure as gravity.

I know that if I treat my children terribly I could lose their love. I know that if I abuse my relationship with my husband I could lose his love. I know that I could push others away and grow old alone. But even if I was the worst human being… on my last day… if I turned my heart over and called out to him… he’d reach down and take me in.

I wrestle with theology and I grieve at the exhaustive evil in the world. I wonder about intervention vs free will. I actually hate the statement “God is in control.” I feel like it removes all personal responsibility. But the more lost and grievous the world is the more I get it. The broken are still loved. There is a cry for their redemption too.

He knows why they are the way they are and it makes his whole being shutter with sadness.

So when all else fails. When the walls are crashing down around me. When I don’t know what the future holds and I don’t know how to plan. I can breathe in the peace-of-knowing that, at the very least, … I can exhale all of the things I can’t explain because I am loved… and so are you.

What’s your gravity statement?

Comment BELOW and tell me what your gravity statement is! What is it in your life that you know will never change?

P.S. If you think this will encourage anyone it’d mean the world if you’d share it. 🙂

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