This last Thursday night was a night of personal growth. Some of you know that I’ve plagued myself with fear and anxiety over stage performance for a couple decades.

There’s been this deep longing to be able to share what I do without fear. To just connect with people over experiences. To show someone without hope that there is some. Even just a deep longing to be myself without restraint. I have had and do have many mountains to face but this was a big one.

While things have gotten better over the years there were days I’d tank because I was just uncontrollably tense. My thoughts would get out of hand. My voice would wear out quickly because I couldn’t relax.

As a vocalist this is terrible… Everything shows up in our voice. Fatigue, sickness, nerves, insecurity… I’d literally get sick from the days of anxiety I had leading up to a show. My trust in my ability to deliver was diminishing and that also increased anxiety.

This week I honed my thoughts and kept them positive. I took them captive. I actually have had to practice what I preach in a real way.

I built myself up. I told myself the truth. I chose peace. I took a zillion deep breaths. I called a group of friends to pray for me. I kept Serenity Essential Oil blend handy and often applied it to the back of my neck. (This has a direct effect on the vocal cords.) For five days leading up to the show I was really intentional.

I’m proof people can grow and change. If I can… You can. Whatever it is that plagues you. ❤️

Because last night I started my first song in peace instead of turmoil. I played for fun instead of pushing through angst. This was literally the first time in my life I have EVER done that. This opens up a world to me that I often doubted I could enter. It’s hope.

What a great moment! I’m so grateful.

I’d often tell anyone, literally anyone, to go after who they are and live THAT… all the way. I’d say, love, what you do. Do what you love. Yet I struggled to do just that. So instead of struggling from bed… I struggled in the climb. I kept moving forward.

What is it that you need to face? What mountain do you need to climb? What is holding you back? There’s no greater joy than just being who you are without restraint. Following after your true design. Finding fulfillment in the moments when your life aligns with who you are on the inside.

I know the universe will rise up and say “prove it.” So I’ll be challenged to do it again… but now I have ammo. Armed and Ready.

Much Love!!


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