It’s been a while since I’ve written a behind the music post. So, I thought it was time.

I was talking to one of my kids recently and they shared with me something hurtful and embarrassing that happened with friends. Immediately the tears began to stream. I knew I couldn’t change what happened. I needed to help them to know the truth so they could heal that moment in their heart and equip them to face that kind of thing in the future…

After comforting them… we forgave the kid out loud and chose not to hold on to what he did. Then I said:

“You know how diamonds are super valuable because there’s only so many in the world? How many of YOU are there?. . . . only ONE. You are unique and special. You hold a spot in the world that no one else can fill. That’s amazing! That boy had no idea what he was saying. He has no idea how amazing you are, and that’s ok. As long as you know.”

I tell this story because anyone reading this who needs to be reminded or perhaps told for the first time that you are valuable just because you are you, is who I wrote this song for… including myself.

I wrote it many years ago… battling through many of the insecurities I face as an artist. Sometimes confessing how I feel and then reminding myself of the bottom line, the truth, helps me work through things.

The message in this is; that sometimes taking the hard path is lonely but necessary. For those who feel beat down, judged or rejected choosing the path that is lonely can be extra hard. But that path is worth it.

It leads to our own personal freedom in the end and along the way we have the opportunity to breathe in the love of the Healer. The love of the one who made you. The love of the one who can show you how incredible you are and how worth it, it is to fight through all of the hard stuff.

The easy road doesn’t lead to anything fulfilling. It equates to giving up dreams, taking abuse from others, sulking in our rooms and settling for jobs that merely pay the bills.

This song is to anyone who considered the easy path. Don’t. Take the hard one. The one that you have to pave in your own unique way.

Hey! Thanks so much for reading! I have so much  more to share with you!! Most of what I write about has to do with overcoming the hard stuff in life. I’m super passionate about getting free from the past and helping others do the same.

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