The Other “F” Word

Last week I talked about acceptance and how it’s such an important step in becoming free. I find that some stumble with this word. Some might think “I cannot accept what they did” or they have a negative reaction like “I accept that my life sucks and I’m stuck.” Both...

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Roadblocks into Mile Markers

My canvas isn’t flat… It isn’t pulled, tightly wrapped around a wooden frame with perfect 90-degree angles. Perhaps most of us are like this… I don’t know. While I’ve stressed mercilessly over every stroke I am definitely not a color-inside-the-lines or...

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Wendy is a stay at home mom of four tiny humans ranging from ages one to nine and the wife of a former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant.  In addition to music and blogging, Wendy, homeschools, teaches at her kids’ homeschooling co-op, volunteers with a ministry called SOZO that helps people overcome unhealthy habits, hang-ups and addictions and aspires, with her husband, to build a self-sustaining homestead.

She has always filled journals with poetry but nearly moments after learning her first three guitar chords she was writing songs. Her passions are two-fold. Write music that’s relatable and connect with the broken or downtrodden. She just plain loves people.

Wendy is an acoustic rock singer-songwriter with inspiring lyrics, soothing delivery, and intricate guitar. Her delicate truthfulness is known to hug the soul while articulating even the most difficult of topics. Her music has been called relatable and even healing.