Indie Pop Folk Singer-Songwriter

An Introspective and Soothing Acoustic Rock Experience.



Texas-born Wendy Nichol (Ni-cole) is described as a soothing and sweet soprano with soul and introspective, lyrical prowess.

She’s been compared to artists such as Jewel, The Cranberries and Alanis Morissette with guitar licks reminiscent of a young Ani Difranco.

After releasing her first album appropriately titled “Steppin’ Up” she received a “Rising Star” nomination by the Tulsa Spot Awards and her song “There Have Always Been” was featured in the Quentin Tarantino-esque Indie film “Jesus Fish.”

Sophomore Album Reviews

Nova Radio: “A fantastic, must-hear album!”

Divide & Conquer Music: “Feeling as if I could reach out and touch the emotion Nichol puts into the song (So Close). Whether about a lover, child or friend, this track’s ability to bring up memories makes it a personal favorite.”

Fan: “This is the first album I’ve put on my iPhone in five years. I love every song!”


When you hate lemonade and have to do something creative with all of life’s lemons. Wendy’s honest journey that encourages others to dream big, overcome the obstacles and to thrive in life.

Don’t Make A Wish

Don’t Make A Wish

How awful is it that we spend a lot of our lives making a wish and hoping it comes true? Could anything really be built on a wish? Much of Hollywood is built on this concept. I hope I’ll stumble into Mr. Right and he’ll pursue me even though I push him away. I hope...

More Than Flowers In These Weeds

More Than Flowers In These Weeds

Have you ever looked at a field of flowers and wondered… Do they question their purpose? Do they value their contribution to the world? Are they ok with just being pretty and then dying? It wasn’t until we started studying sustainable agriculture that I even knew...

My voice gets in the way…

My voice gets in the way…

The tone… mmmm…. it was like a pot roast with potatoes and carrots on a cold day delivered to your lap, as you lay wrapped in a soft blanket next to a warm fire, by momma, who had soup stains on her flowered apron. It was gooood.